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For all the cows..
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all kinds of shit
Friday. 9.17.04 5:56 pm
im so fuckin tired, it hardly occers to me to go to bed, im an idiot.
oh well.

im a boring person, idont even no why im writing this shit, but i m. whoa!
its weird how ma family always seems to attract some strange people. Foe example, almost all of ma sisters old boyfrends are gay, or as we say around the house, 'somewhere over the rainbow'. also, ma frends,are quite,uh, unique:

Bronwyn: an obnockous like twurp who dont understand that people arnt laughing with her, thier laughing at her horible ratty and bad fashoined hair. and on top of that she changes moods in a snap and is not a good frend at all. im PICKY OKAY!!!!

Susan: shes a all-in-all good person, but she worries me for resons i can not say here (becouse of you prying Fuckers). She has the coolest hair ever, a mo halk. Shes the most unique person ive ever met. She stands up for wats right and never looses contact with the ground inwhich she stands. iadmire her so, but ,again, she worries me.Poor dear.

Sara: she is the most beautiful person i know, next to Susan of course, she beleives shes a vampire, and can play the drums like none i've ever herd. Also, evish roles of her tougue as if it was her native langauge.Shes wonderful.

Gary: ma little computerboy, torn between ma best frend and me, hes inteligent, kind, sweet, handsome, soft, and much much more.

i relize i have ritten alot, but its ma firsst entry and ithink it desurves to be long and herd.
I'M AN IDIOT!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!
he he. i suck. i cut. the end. amen. and stuff. so there. im gonna stop talking now. by the by i have changed ma name to Lady Odet, or just Odet.
like satan, i give love to only those who deserve (waste not). the rest of you can defend for youselves.
have a marvalous night/day.

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